Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said,

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

A life beyond the ordinary requires effort. Sincere effort. (EHEM!)

Indeed, imagining has a once of a kind method for terminating us up. Simply pondering our dreams can transport us into a totally new world. Whose eyes did not shimmer when talking about their dreams? 🤩 Whose voice did not turn out to be energetic and whose stance did not coordinate how he would feel if their dream is as of now accomplished? 🤪..

With the excitement of a child, we seek out photographs of everything that we want to see, do, be, and have. 🖼 With a heart overflowing with uplifting desires, we spread them out delightfully in a collage; ensuring that we are in the photo. All time grinning. We compose attestations like, “I am affectionately, appreciatively and joyfully getting every one of these favors throughout my life or something better in God’s ideal time!” 🥳

We can encircle ourselves with vision boards and devour our eyes on them throughout the day, imagine our dreams working out as expected all the live long day, recount positive affirmations like a prayer, and feel the sentiments of as of now having them; and still stay as far from our dreams as the sun is to the earth. These are the delightful customs and I am all for them. But they desperately lack two crucial ingredients: sincere effort and intelligent execution.😳

In dreams begin responsibilities, declared William Buttler Yeats.. And so I believe that no measure of envisioning can get us to where we want to go.. Ask any sailor and he will tell you that he has not yet reached a destination just by imagining and feeling the feeling of having already arrived..

Before they lift the sails, sailors need to perform a detailed visual check and inspect all the standing rigging – the cables and ropes that support the mast.., It is also a given that they have a basic knowledge of sailing and of the different parts of their sailboat. 🚣‍♀️

All controls and equipment must work before the sail..

(Thanks to: WikiHow to Sail a Boat 👋🏻 )

Despite of their eagerness and desire to venture out into water, sailors also need to first determine the wind direction and to point the boat into the wind. What’s more, once they have begun cruising, they have to pay special mind to and respect navigational floats to tell them where safe water exists..

All these – plus more – require sincere effort and intelligent execution. Thus does anything else we want throughout everyday life.,.

A lot of our unhappiness (which we will only realize in the faraway someday) originates from bringing down our objectives to coordinate the exertion we will give. We settle for less..

As a Bible group leader, it gives me awesome fulfillment when my disciple returns to me with accounts of positive outcomes and objectives accomplished. Every example of overcoming adversity is never complete without long accounts of Sincere effort and Intelligent execution…🙆🏼‍♀️

I also had an unsuccessful endeavors as a Bible group Leader.. Furthermore, stories as a rule spin around the words, “I tried, but…” and what comes after the but would ordinarily come down to reasons and justifications as to why committing to the goal become impossible..🙅🏻‍♀️

Zig Zaglar is known for saying, Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.

I completely agree. 👍🏻

If you are really interested, you will exert the necessary effort. If you are really committed, you will exert the necessary effort.. If you really care, you will make an effort, no excuses..

We have all been inundated with these teachings. Magsimula ka. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Be willing to lose sight of the shore. Hindi pwedeng nakahiga lang tayo sa ilalim ng puno ng bayabas at naka-ngangang naghihintay na malaylay ang bunga sa ating bibig.

Bishop Oriel Ballano, our Doulos Church Pastor said, zero effort amounts to zero result. If we put in half the effort, we can only expect half a return.. If we do not plant, we do not expect any harvest.. There is always a direct link between effort and success..

During a long drought in Mindanao (My Mother’s place), I remember my mother praying for a rain so they can start planting corn again..,. If they do not plant, they won’t be any harvest.,.

Try as we may, we will never find a better substitute for effort!!!

I sincerely apologize for not updating hohoho! I hope this blog could help & motivate each of my readers to really apply sincere effort & intelligent execution in every responsibilities and dreams we have. I LOVE YOU ALL!! MAY THE LORD BLESS US ALL! ❤️❤️

You were bought at a price!

The journey of life will teach you its value, your value. Can you imagine what if there’s no redemption? what if there’s no restoration? what if this Man named Jesus choose not to be the ransom of our sins? what if?

Try to look at this generation. Try to think, observe and evaluate. Generation Z is too weak. All we know is to stop. It’s easy for us to stop the race. We don’t hesitate if we step back from being on the process. We would rather choose to spend a seconds, minutes, hours, days or even weeks to think more of the situation than making solutions.


Why it seems so easy to cut the story? Why we choose to hide than to be free? Why think of doing “undo’s” than to start all over again? Why keep on listening with lies if in fact TRUTHS never run out of words? Why we talk too much than listen and do some catch?

I’ve been 5 years in my Christian life and yes sometimes it looks like it doesn’t make sense for me. But as I grew older in the presence of God, without knowing, I’m actually growing. Little by Little, the sense of direction is getting clearer. Of course, the journey doesn’t end there. Let’s say, it’s just a beginning… beginning of living a life with value and purpose.

The situation might tell you that you have been completely defeated. And these questions above probably hits you from skin to bone because that is some of you were.

But wait, please take a pause!

Life doesn’t end with “why’s” and “what if’s”. That is the reason why Jesus decided to renounce all His privileges as God and agreed to live in a human body and eventually became the ransom of our sin, your sin. Because of what He did on the cross, you were washed, redeemed, restored, sanctified, justified and forgiven. Yes, you can do new beginnings. You can be as you are — the original you.

So, why end life if you were bought at a price?

“You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of human beings.” 1 Cor 7:23




(Photo by: Me (visit my IG acc. @jheeeevillanueva))

When people ask me how I found calligraphy, I usually respond with something like, “Oh, I tried a bunch of things, but calligraphy is what I fell in love with!

Sounds kinda like I was at a party flirting casually with a buncha dudes, when suddenly my eyes locked on THE ONE and music started playing while the rest of the world faded out to black…😂

Yeah… Not exactly.

It was more like a year and a half of intense internet dating, where there is lots and lots of chatting and ghosting and meeting complete strangers at Jollibee or coffee shops.. Sometimes it’s exciting and invigorating and you meet someone you actually connect with.. But then, that person fizzles out for some reason or another and you wonder when you’ll ever find THE ONE. And suddenly your inbox full of messages seems way too overwhelming…

Ok, that’s a little dramatic.😂. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t a straightforward path. It was… ZIGZAG! 😉

After I discover my passion in writing through joining diff. Writing competition when i was in my junior high & i have to decide what course should i take in college, I knew I wanted to do something more creative but I had NO IDEA what that might be…. so I explored. A LOT!! 😅

Here’s a brief list of all the things I tried before I found calligraphy, and what I learned from each one: (I’M SO EXCITED TO SHARE ALL OF THOSE..😂)


My experience: I’ve always been good at writing (at least the kind you do in school) and my father is actually a poet and playwright.. So I signed up for a two-month-long creative writing workshop with my classmate Ana Marie (Aw! I missed the moments huhu)😭.. There were 6 of us and we ended up really opening up to each other through our writing assignments – there were lots of tears and powerful shared moments..🥰

What I learned: Just because I’m good at it, doesn’t mean it’s a sustainable passion. Writing has called out to me at certain times in my life, but never in a consistent way.. I figured, if I have to force myself to sit down and do it… it’s probably not going to make me a living..🤷🏼‍♀️


My experience: I got really into Project Runway so I dusted off my Mama’s sewing machine and she bought some fabric for me to make myself a skirt. It took forever and I hated it the entire time.. tbh😭😭

What I learned: Sewing is waaaayyy too exact for me. I have no patience for all the careful measuring and folding and straightening and ironing – blech!!😭😅


My experience: My Mama taught me to knit when I was Elementary, i think i was 9y/o that time, and I’ve always done it here and there as a hobby.. I always liked using really chunky yarn to make scarves that I could knit up really quickly.. (Are you noticing a pattern with the short attention span?)

So my Mama & I created some unique scarf designs and opened a small shop.. But, when people actually started ordering them and I had to knit the same thing over and over again…. ugh, boring!!!😂😭

My mama & i shifted to creating downloadable knitting patterns instead and that was so much better.. But, I didn’t like the meticulous process of writing down each stitch and making sure my mama’s instructions were crystal clear.. Whenever someone asked me with a question, I wanted to run away and hide!! Huhuhu.

What I learned: I loved creating my own knitted designs with my mama. But I hated how long it took to actually knit a full piece (especially the same exact piece over and over).. I also didn’t love the process of creating detailed written instructions.. i feel sorry to my mom huhu..


My experience: I watched an Intro to Watercolor youtube tutorial and loved it, but watercolor painting always felt too OPEN for me.. I made a few little paintings of roses, but never went beyond that..😅

What I learned: I still use watercolors occasionally. But, the best thing that came out of this experience was meeting ATE JANE PALMA who became my coach.. You never know what will happen when you go out there with an open mind!


My experience: I’ve always loved DIY. I like creating things with my own two hands and doing it on a budget.. I did some DIY projects around the house every vacation, like building shelves out of pipes and wood planks with my sisters.. Or, organizing the plant shelves. I know that was too boring for few..!

What I learned: The process of dreaming up and executing each project was magical and fun.. But, having to document and write down each step started to turn it into more of a chore.. and yah, i found it boring sometimes.. imma too lazy, idk why huhu😭

I’m gonna stop here, ‘cause this post is already suuuuper friggin’ long. And this isn’t even everything I tried… I also dabbled in copywriting,hand lettering, and graphic design (with the help of my brother, he’s pretty cool in doing graphic designs dude hoho., emeng graphic designs lang akin e 😂).. (hah!)..

After a year and a half of exploring, calligraphy was the thing that just clicked. But, here’s the key – I don’t know if calligraphy would have clicked in the same way if I hadn’t tried so many other things first..

I learned so much from my winding road of exploration.. I LOVE designing and creating, but not in a meticulous way. I like a mode of creativity that’s loose, but that still has a practical application.. Knitting and sewing are practical, but too exact. Watercolor is loose, but not practical enough. I like to explain and teach things, but I don’t like writing instructions every day..

Before I found calligraphy, I used to beat myself up about not having a passion. I thought I wasn’t an interesting person, or even a WHOLE person without one.. 😭

But now, I realize that a “passion” doesn’t have to look the same for every person.. hehe.. Some people know from the age of 3 that they’re going to be a dancer.. Some people shift their interests throughout their entire lives, while still being true to themselves..

So if you haven’t found THE ONE yet… don’t despair (feeling pro, but this kinda friendly advise hoho). There’s nothing wrong with you.. As long as you’re looking and noticing and staying open-minded, you’re on the right path..

To be honest, I don’t know if I’m going to be a calligrapher forever.. My passion for calligraphy is rooted in my need to create and teach others.. So wherever that underlying desire takes me… I’ll go. Passionately.  ❤️❤️❤️

Anyways, lemme show you one of my old calligraphy work.. and also you can visit my instagram account to see more of my Calligraphy works. IG: @jheeeevillanueva ;))

This one is a gift for a friend. Ahm, if you don’t mind.. i sell some of my calligraphy works and put it on a frame.. does it look good? Hmmpp..

Hindi ko na matandaan kung sino yung pinag hiraman ko ng Brush-pen nito pero ang ganda lang hehehehe. Self-compliment 😂

Mats used: Chalk & Illustration board only hihihi. ❤️


Heyow to my hand made Calligraphy Bookmarks !!

So.. lemme end with ds! ’til next blog everyone!!


Jeh ❤️



“Good friends care for each other…close friends understand each other, but TRUE FRIENDS stay forever…beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time…!


Many of us have friends in our lives over the years.. Some friends we make as children and then lose contact as we grow older.. Other friends we make as adults and stay in touch with as long as we are in close proximity to and it is convenient to keep in touch but then over time one moves away or busy schedules slowly pull us apart and we start to lose touch.. 💔

Those friendships fall into the “good friends” or “close friends” as the opening quote cites.. But then there is that last group of friends – those we call TRUEPA or TRUE FRIENDS – they are those we have a mutual caring about, and we understand each other’s hearts, and where bonds are formed between us that span any distance in proximity and where the bonds run so deep that no amount of time apart or lack of words will change the way we feel about that friend.. These are our true friends, and when one comes into your life cherish it!!!!! Huhu…😭🥰🥰🥰


As a child our family moved often and so I was constantly making new friends each place we moved. Often the contact was lost with friends in past locations, although my memories of them were treasured… 😌

During my challenging years there were individuals who came into my life that I consider my truest of friends.. They are individuals who saw me through tough times and who always saw the best in me despite any of my shortcomings..They picked me up at times I was down.. They stood by me when I felt alone.. They taught me things about life and about myself with patience and understanding.. They lifted my children’s spirits and made them laugh when they were going through tough times of their own. They forgave at times when I was grumpy or obstinate.. 😅 They loved me without judgment and without expectations.. 😍 They gave me hugs, even at times that I may not have deserved one.  These TRUE-PA’s were individuals who were there for me…maybe not always in person or in word every time, but always in heart…and knowing that helped me through incredible challenges throughout the years.. SOLID ANG SAMAHAN! 😇


TRUE-PAs just do that – they help us grow and change for the better.  They support us in good times and bad… They can make us laugh when all we want to do is cry.. And no matter how far apart time and distance may cause us to grow from one another, and even if death takes one of them from this world to the next, we always have the comfort of knowing that these true friends are still there for us, even if only in spirit, cheering us on and wishing us the best, because that is what true friends do for each other..


“A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part…”

When someone is genuinely your TRUE-PA they leave an impression on your heart that will never go away…not with time and not with distance.. TRUE-PA secure a place in your heart forever..  I am forever grateful for the TRUE-PA in my life, both those who are alive and those who have passed away, thank you so much for being my TRUE-PAAAAA!

Ha-ha okay, stop dramas! I just really love my friends and i will cherish every moment we will spend together. So, shoutout to my TRUE-PAAAAAs hehe.. 👯‍♂️👫👭👬👯‍♀️





When you fail, make a mistake or things simply don’t go as well as you had hoped then how do you feel?

Do you feel sorry for yourself? Well, that’s natural in some situations and too an extent.

But do you get stuck in that mental state too often and for far too long?

If that’s the case then this guide that i personally applying to myself is for you.

Because in it I’d like to share to everyone 8 steps that have helped me to stop feeling sorry for myself. Don’t feel doubtful about dis hehe!

This is just a simple habits and techniques that have helped me to reduce and overcome this issue in my life and to stop spending so much time and energy on it. I hope it can really help, hehe.

Now, let’s get started! ;)💆🏻‍♀️

1. Breathe. 🧘🏼‍♀️

First, u should calm your mind and body down a bit to think more level-headedly and clearly.

This simplest way to do that?

Just sit down. Close your eyes.💆🏻‍♀️

And then breathe through your nose and with your belly. (My fave part, cz ds is so much relaxing hump!)

Focus only on the air going in and out. Nothing else.!

Uhm, i suggest to do that for 1-2 minutes (I liked to set a timer on my phone so I don’t try to finish early). 🕰

This will center you and make you feel more focused again. Trust me ;)).

2. Zoom out into the world (and then tap into gratitude). (Special thanks to my Church leader, she told me dis could help hehe)

Ask yourself: does anyone on this planet have it worse than me right now? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Infairness, this question helped me to see things from a wider perspective.

I often follow it up with asking myself:

What are 3 things I can be grateful for but often take for granted?💁🏼‍♀️

Well, I can be thankful for many such things.🙏🏻

Thing like:

  • Fresh water.
  • Three steady meals a day.
  • A roof over my head.

ThankYou Lord!🤲🏻

Just these first two steps is often enough for me stop feeling sorry for myself and not get stuck in self-pity. Swear to God, it really works. 😎

If not, then I move on to…

3. Zoom out in your own life. (Still thanks to my Church leader for this)

Ask yourself this about the situation that has caused you to feel sorry for yourself:

Will this matter in 5 years? Or even 5 weeks from now? Oh-no!

The answer is most usually for me that it actually won’t ;((

But I’m sometimes a bit hasty to make a mountain out of a molehill.🤓

4. Find one opportunity or lesson in the situation you’re in. (The Holy Spirit told me this, Hallelujah!! Hihi)🥺

This can help you to see what happened to you in more optimistic and constructive light. (Yeah it is!!!thanks google hohoho!)

That doesn’t mean that it’s all of a sudden a great situation that you’ve found yourself in..

But it’s in my experience important to do not only to add a dash of optimism.

But also because the toughest situations that I’ve felt the worst about have helped me in the long run..

They have taught me one or several very important lessons that have been game-changers or at least been quite valuable things to keep in mind….😎

5. Set a time-limit for yourself.

One thing I do from time to time when I’m in a negative emotional state like feeling sorry for myself or seeing things through a negative lens is to be OK with that. (But tbh, this is sooooo hardddd!!!)

To embrace it.

But with a deadline and for just a little while.

Because we have to process what has happened. Take in all the emotions, thoughts or shock that a situation caused.

Pushing that aside right away can lead to those thoughts and feelings popping up later in unexpected situations and ways.

So take atleast 10 minutes to just feel sorry for yourself. But then, as those minutes are up, move on into a more constructive headspace and focus forward once again. I KNOW U CAN DO IT! AJA!!!! 💪🏻

6. Get out of your own head by helping someone else out.

To avoid getting stuck in a downward spiral of self-pity focus outward. On someone else. Focus on giving one or more people in your life value..

This will get you outside of your own head and you’ll feel good for helping out in some way.,.

And then feel even better as you see the other person’s face light up thanks to what you did.😍

uhm, I think…a couple of good ways to give value and to help out are:

  • Helping out practically... Maybe someone needs help moving. Or setting up things for his party this weekend….Or with finding information for a decision that he’s making….🤭
  • Listening. Just be there fully and listen to someone as she vents about a situation in her life… 👂
  • Be kind to someone in your everyday life. Be kind to a stranger by holding up the door, letting him or her into your lane while driving or helping out with directions if he seems lost in your city..👯‍♀️

In my Dearest Church, Doulos for Christ, we also practice those things and i myself had the opportunity to witnessed many lives transformed by doing this.. hoho!😱

Ok.. so next…

7. Look into your possible future.

Ask yourself: what will the consequences be if I keep this up?

How will my life look in 1 year if I too often fall back into feeling sorry for myself for too long? And in 5 years? (Dapat talaga maging concern ka kay Future mo!!!)

How will it affect my relationships?

How will affect my chances of reaching my goals and dreams?

Write down your answers (sorry for this kind of idea, mahal ko kasi talaga ang pag-sulat but i guess makakatulong ito hihi) and use them as a motivation to move forward once again the next time you feel that you’re starting to get lost in those negative thoughts.🤷🏼‍♀️

8. Create a reminder and keep it close by.

I used one that said “no victim thinking for 30 days” on my phone. It popped up every morning with the help of the free Google Keep app, thanks to these app anw hehe!🙈

Another good way to use a reminder is to write your message to yourself down on a piece of paper and put it in your bedside table. Then it’ll be one of the first things you see each day. (Just try!! Go go go!!)

Ahm, i have a couple of suggestions for what to write could be:

“It’s OK to feel sorry for yourself for 10 minutes. But then move forward and into action again.”

“What are 3 things I can be grateful for in my life but I too often take for granted?”

I think it could help.. hmm.. 🤔


Always think about what you can do differently the next time something goes wrongor when you start feeling sorry for yourself for too long..

You know what? I always remind myself that just a start of a plan and taking one small step forward to get going with it can change how I feel and my mental state in a big way. 😬

That’s all for today! Godbless!!! Hope u enjoy reading my today’s blog hoho! ❤️ I really love getting some feedback from u guysssss! 😭❤️





So I am the youngest of 7 Sisters.

|S I S T E R H O O D / s i s t e r e t|

(Can’t find a perfect photo for dis blog cz we really don’t have a complete sisteret’s photo. So, please forgive me hehe)

I love my sisters in life it’s never been perfect growing up with them there were days when none of us understood each other. .There were days when some of us understood each other but as we allowed God in truly there is a new bond that we all have for one another! We fight for one another in our love, we talk to one another if we see somethings wrong. We don’t talk about one another we talk to one another..👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

I remember seeing my friends who also came from a family of Seven sisters and wondering how do they do it? How do they all get a long how do they all wanna be in each other’s lives? This was a few years ago I didn’t get it.. I saw it and believed it because it was right there in front of me but I wondered how could this happen for me and my sisters?🤷🏼‍♀️

I thought the answer was gonna be some deep deep deep dive into the unknown…

it wasn’t it was super simple.. the answer was.. the Holy Spirit! He helped them to love one another and find the needs of one another.. I began to see that did they tell me this? No but I could see Jesus so evident in there relationship.. no jealously only VICTORY! No comparison only strength for one another,.😎

I began to apply this to my relationships with my sisters. All the things I thought you’re not shopped to say we all talked it out. And now my sisters are the most helpful ever. . . They encourage me right where I’m at and I do the same but I need the HOLY SPIRIT to show me those areas I can’t necessarily see clearly! He’s my helper my fighter and the way maker! He’s a fire he will burn up what wasn’t meant to be there in your relationships you need to only lay those things at the feet of Jesus!

So today it’s a simple one for you but this is Sisterhood for me a constant effort of me asking the Holy Spirit what can I do here with my sister? How can you show me how I am to care for them? This is what I need to do daily.. I think the Biggest key here the biggest take away here is Let Jesus do what he knows how to do, which really is everything… He knows the rout he’s gonna take with you and in your relationships..

This key can be applied to anything Let him do it in all you do..🥰



“Listen to your heart, it knows”

Excellence represents the wise of many alternatives.


Ok, so.. Let’s start!

You know what? Sometimes, doing our best is not enough. Yah i know.. We need to check if we are applying our best on the right things.. Marami sa atin ang masipag gawin ang maling bagay. Masipag maging tamad, maglaro, uminom, magsabong, o mag Facebook. Tama ako diba?! Hehe.. 😎

Yet, how do we know if we are on the right path, if we are doing the right thing, if we have set our goals correctly?🤭

Well, my guide has always been my heart. “❤️”

When I do the right thing, I feel right.. I feel good.. I feel at peace.. If not, I feel an unmistakable sense of sadness and dissapointment.,. It is as if my heart literally gets heavier, weighing me down, making me feel guilty and ashamed for the wrong I have done.. There’s that deep knowing that something is not right. I have hurt someone’s feelings. I have behaved in a hurtful manner. I have uttered unkind words. I did not act lovingly.. ,🙁

Mabigat sa dibdib.. super.. Para tayong nanghihina. Hindi tayo makatulog ng maayos. Hindi tayo makatingin ng tuwid sa taong ating nasaktan. Kahit pilitin pa natin ang ating sarili, napaka hirap maging lubos na masaya kapag hindi natin ginawa o sinunod ang tama.. Para tayong pinaparusahan ngunit ang totoo, pinaparusahan natin ang ating sarili.. At babalik lamang ang ating sigla at ang ating saya kapag nakahingi na tayo ng tawad, nakabawi o di kaya’y nagawa na ang nararapat..🥺

Napakatalino ng ating puso🤓. Kahit na pa magsinungaling ang ating isip na tama ang ating ginawa, na dapat lang, na wala tayong kasalanan; lagi pa ring mananaig ang kahusayan ng ating puso upang ibalik tayo sa landas na masaya, malaya at payapa. Ganyan tayo kamahal ng ating puso.. .Ganyan tayo kamahal ng ating Diyos na piniling sa puso natin manirahan..🤗

A lot, if not all, of our unhappiness comes from not heeding that loving yet powerful voice within..💕

May you keep coming back to these beautiful reminders and be inspired to follow your heart, to choose to do the right thing even if it hurts, even when it is difficult..❤️🤗

“Seek to follow your own inner guidance and in doing so, you will bless all of life”. Mashubi Rochell

An awake heart is like a sky that pours light” Hafiz

“Your inner knowing is your only true compass”.  Joy Page

“Feelings are your inner guidance system – your emotional compass. When you allow this compass to direct your actions, you build self-trust.” Cheryl Richardson

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will consel you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8🤓


Jeh ❤️